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HKO - Ultra Tough Coat
Why Utc Ultra-tough Coating?

Why Utc Ultra-tough Coating?

With 3X the scratch resistance, plus stain-resistance,
dust repellence and UV protection,
UTC makes your eyeglasses oops-proof!

About Ultra-tough Coating

A revolutionary new coating available at HKO


Dirt, moisture and fingerprints are easily wiped away

Dust And Pollen Repellence

By reducing static electricity, less dust and pollen are attracted to the lens, making it easier to clean

UV Protection

Shields your eyes by cutting 99% of UV rays

4 Layers Of Protection

Hard As Glass

3 times the scratch resistance performance of standard lenses

Passed The Bayer Abrasion Test

Sand tray travels a distance of 100mm at 300 strokes per minute at 600 cycles for 4 minutes

Bayer Abrasion TestBayer Abrasion Test 2
Passed The Steel Wool Test

2KG at 500 times

Steel Wool TestSteel Wool Test 2
Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean

Dust and pollen repellence

Ultra Durable

Ultra Durable

3X as scratch resistant

Ultra Protection

Ultra Protection



A Range Of Indexes And Materials

Indexes 1.6, 1.67, 1.74