Nanotechnology in Germany

Anti-reflection + Anti-fog lens

without activation cloth

Anti-reflection + Anti-fog lenses

The anti-reflection + anti-fog lenses on the market generally require an activation cloth. When the lens is stained or its anti-fog effect is weakened, you need to wipe it with the activation cloth. It’s not just inconvenient to use, and the activation cloth needs to be replaced every year. Unlike other antifog coatings, our FOGLESS layer does not need any activation cloth. When removing stains, use a microfiber cloth only. Our FOGLESS Lens is not just easy to use but also provides a non-stop FOGLESS effect 24 hours a day.


Nanotechnology in Germany

HKO's new FOGLESS coating technology uses the ion vacuum coating principle and magnetic control of electrochemical processes to add a transparent, highly hydrophilic layer to the lens anti-reflective coating. The condensed micro water droplets created by temperature difference firmly adhere to this layer and spread into a transparent liquid film, meaning FOGLESS.

Normal Coating
Hko Coating

Compared with other anti-fog coatings on the market, our FOGLESS has significantly improved user convenience and anti-fog effect. Under the pandemic, provide customers with a safe, durable, and user-friendly anti-reflective + anti-fog lens.